I have a gift. And with that gift I change the lives of the people I serve

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I am honored and humbled that you have taken to time to come by and review my work.  In these next few paragraphs, my goal is to help you get to know a little more about me, my purpose, my passion, my 'Philosophy on Photography'. 
Again thank you so much for stopping by, and I look forward to having that first cup of coffee with you very soon.

My purpose, my passion

I have a gift. With that gift I change the lives of the people I serve.
And that is what drives my passion for photography.
Photography is how we tell our stories.  Stories that are meant to be passed down from generation to generation.
My purpose is to capture and tell those stories in beautiful imagery so they can be enjoyed and shared for a lifetime.
That purpose, is what drives my passion. Photography is part of what makes me who and what I am.
I am, a visual story teller.  A story teller that captures the moments we are in, creates the moments when the opportunity presents itself, and finds the moments that are hidden from view.

My Philosophy on Photography

To me Photography is not a commodity. 
Our moments, our experiences, they are priceless memories. 
They are the stories that make us who we are. They are our legacy.  
Photography allows us to go back in time and relive those moments, have those experiences, and feel the rush of emotions of the past, here in the present.
To capture all of this in an image, is my gift.

Vision before style

We hear a lot about 'style', or 'photographic style'. I get asked quiet oftent 'What is your style of photography'. And this brings up very interesting conversation.
And what I tell people is that, to me, it's about 'Vision before Style'.
Whether it's photojournalistic, documentarian, cool, warm, rich tones, earthy, etheral, high key, low key, dramatic, light and airy, if I don't capture the 'Vision', style doesn't matter, because it wont be your story.
I shoot for Vision, before Style. That Vision is what will tell 'Your Story' and it is what will drive the style, that will allow me to create images that are about you, not of you.