A Gluten Free Wedding, Not Just a Fad?

Gluten Free Wedding, Not Just a Fad?

Today, living "Gluten Free" is a way of life for many people.  Some do it for the health benefits, others do it for medical reasons, such as severe food allergies. 

You may think that planning a gluten free wedding, or even just offering gluten free options to your reception dinner is just too complex of a task, I have good news for you!  It's not!

My friend, Tiffany from @glutenfreewithtiff, lives a gluten free life, and when I asked her what guidance she would give to Brides who wanted to consider gluten free options at their wedding, she answered the call.

Her blog gives you great advice to follow, dispels the miss-conceptions, has great questions to ask, and even gives recommendations of restaurants and caterers. 

Click the link below and have a read over on her blog @glutenfreewithtiff and be sure to subscribe!

Planning a Gluten-free Wedding

Wedding season will be here soon and if you are not overwhelmed enough with the craziness of it all, let's throw in a gluten-free menu as well! Even if you do not have personal food allergies/intolerances, you still might want to consider a gluten-free option for your upcoming ceremony.