What to expect with makeup trends this fall

Ladies, I’m so excited to tell you that I have the exclusive privilege of having a very special guest writer featured here on my blog. She is one of the most talented and sought after hair and makeup artist in the Northwest Arkansas Wedding Industry. It’s my pleasure to introduce to you Lachan Bridges, owner of NWA Occasions, Traveling Hair and Makeup.

Lachan has written an exclusive blog for us, sharing the upcoming Fall makeup trends and what you can expect this year. So please, take a couple minutes and read about what will be happening this Fall with Wedding Makeup, and feel free to reach out to Lachan. I know she would be happy to talk to you. You can click on her website link below to get in touch with her.

Warm colors won't be the only thing you see this season. Join me to hear about the latest trends coming our way and how bridal makeup is making a show stopping appearance.

Growing up in Arkansas, we almost take for granted the beautiful scenery that surrounds us. Often times, friends and family from out of state would come visit and would always make remarks on how beautiful the trees and mountains are. I assumed everyone was surrounded by the warmth of falls colors every year. 

As a wedding vendor, it's even more apparent to me today, especially catering to the beauty needs of Brides. Fall is slowly creeping upon us and I could not be more excited. I live for warm tones like rusty oranges, mustard yellows and hunter greens. This is my season!

In this post I want to introduce you to some new and old trends that will be staying awhile for fall and specifically for Brides! 

The Eyes 

Like most makeup trends, bridal eyes will be the centerpiece and grand finale to any makeup look. Whether you prefer a soft, blended out eye, or an eye look filled with sparkles and defined structure, there is a fall look waiting for you to discover. This season we will see warm colors brushed against the lid and soft blown out liners to create a happy balance of color and contour.

By warm colors I want you to think, warm browns, soft burnt oranges and terracotta blown out on the lid.

For my more glamorous brides, we will see jewel tones paired with shimmer (or glitter for the makeup enthusiast bride). I often have brides ask to go a bit bold for their wedding and my answer is always, "All colors and styles can be worn on your wedding day if they are executed properly!" and that does not leave out bold jewel tones. For an example, deep emerald greens will be making an appearance this season and I'm looking at all my green and brown eyed Brides!

For my blue eyed brides, citrine and rusty warm browns will play a happy role in your makeup this fall. If color is too loud for your bridal look, that's a-okay, soft neutrals will always be in trend! Your day is all about you feeling beautiful and showing the sweet love you have for your partner.

Have I mentioned how much I love weddings? 

The lips 

As most you of know, lips have been stealing the spotlight for sometime now. From a lip plumper, vibrant colors, or a perfectly crafted nude, lips are staying in trend this season. Whats better than a perfectly crafted lip for your first kiss as a married couple?

So what sets this season apart from previous seasons? Speaking directly to my brides, we will see more bold choices for lip colors this fall. This past spring and summer has been filled with soft mauves, glossy nudes and sheer stained lips. This coming season we will see more brides stepping out of their soft summer lips and dressing their pouts with deep reds and garnet shades, vibrant berry tones and of course the ol' faithful nude lip. We will see a lot of shine and dimension to this season’s lip color!

Regardless if you are a bold lip wearer or would rather sport fresh nude lips, satin is in. Whether you are a gloss gal or a matte lady, we will see tons of lip colors bursting with shine and dimension. Personally, I couldn't be happier, these dry lips need some hydration during fall and winter! 

Closing thoughts: 

Whether you prefer a classic neutral makeup look, bold look, or a pop of color, this season has something for everyone. Check out our website to see some fall looks and upcoming specials! We can't wait to hear about your wedding!


Director of Operations/Owner My love story with makeup began 7 years ago. At the time, I was falling back in love with theater by being involved with a few community productions. This time was different though. I saw the spotlight in a different angle and it was through waves of emotions that stage makeup created.